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[sticky post] Sales

~Work in progress~ Updated frequently!

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Custom Sales

I thought I should post some custom sales here in case anyone might be interested!

I also do digital art stuff, which you can see the info here- http://eevie-chu.deviantart.com/journal/Commission-Info-Month-of-May-2013-OPEN-283696694

My deviantart page has examples of my artwork- http://eevie-chu.deviantart.com/

I can do both Pokemon and non-Pokemon custom stuff!

~Work in progress~ Updated frequently!

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More to be added later


Pokemon TCG Sales Post

Will be updating this post frequently, so feel free to check back!

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Damaged Freebies: One free with any order!

Gone: Jirachi, Deoxys

My collection is very large with hundreds upon hundreds of cards! These are all of my in-good-condition holos only- there are tons more of non-holos! If there's any card you need feel free to ask!


Wants List + Some Pictures

Image heavy! View under the cut.

This is mainly for my use. xD

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A reminder to myself for what items I'm expecting to receive and when; or what items I need to send out. Including reminders to give and get feedback on purchases and sales.

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PkmnCollectors Feedback

These are old feedbacks.

All new feedback will be directed to the new system!
--> http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/eevie_chu/


Collection Post

First post~

Hi, I'm Amber :3 I found out about LiveJournal from Deviantart. I joined a while ago, but I never really posted anything since I didn't know what to post... xD

I mainly joined LJ to keep up with some of my friend's lives as they post here frequently. I also joined in the first place because I wanted to check out the groups on here, like Pokemon Collectors and art groups too.

You can find my Deviantart page here: http://eevie-chu.deviantart.com/ <3